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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  May 14, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> you are watching "france 24." these are the headlines this hour. an explosion in turkey leaves at least 200 dead. rescuers are racing against time trying to save the 200 more still trapped inside. rolledy of a 26 are journalist was found tuesday by -- a 26-year-old journalist was found tuesday. officials say she was caught in an ambush. the cannes film festival kicks off today but not without controversy.
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starst's opening film nicole kidman as grace of monaco. that movie has been slammed by both her children and a movie website. also coming up this hour, the judge at the oscar pistorius trial orders the athlete to undergo a mental evaluation after an expert psychologist testified that the w amputee sprinter -- testify that the double amputee sprinter suffered from a personality disorder. -- and-china protests anti-china protests continue in vietnam. china's growing over recent installment of an oil rig in disputed southeast asian waters.
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we will be getting reaction from china. first to turkey where at least 200 people have been confirmed dead in one of the worst mining disasters in turkish history. an exploding transformer deep underground triggered a massive fire that is still not under control. rescueders have been but some 200 more are still trapped underground. most of the victims died from carbon monoxide poisoning. rescuers are pumping oxygen in the mind to try and help those -- in the mine to try and help those still inside. alive from thed coal mine, a glimmer of hope for the families of those still trapped, desperately trying to reach them before the oxygen runs out. rescuers have been working through the night. some have been able to walk away , their faces and hardhats
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covered in soot. the fire and explosion were caused by an electrical fault. it happened during a shift change. with some of the tunnels kilometers long, rescue efforts are proving difficult. police have been brought in to keep the crowds under control. are there.friends that's why we are waiting here. they are friends. we are a family. it is why we are sad now. >> i have two relatives in the mind. we can waiting since the afternoon and we are still here. no one is giving us any information. >> mining disasters are common in turkey. worst accident was in 1992 when a gas explosion killed 263 workers. >> a french photojournalist has been killed in central african republic.
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the body of the 26-year-old was found by french soldiers searching a car driven by members of a militia group. it is still unclear who her attackers were. officials say she was doing a report on the group when she was attacked. the security situation is increasingly dangerous for journalists working in the country. two local reporters were killed just this month in the capital, bangui. . old, on assignment in the central foundn republic, her body in a car. the french president says she was assassinated. >> i've asked the french armed forces in the country to immediately seem -- send a team of investigators along with our african partners so we can find out the truth, find her killers and punish them. >> just a week ago, she uploaded
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,his photo to instagram explaining she had traveled eight hours by motorbike with these fighters, a mostly christian militia. reporters without orders, an ngo based in paris, told france -- "france 24" she was aware of the dangers she faced. >> she came to get the bullet-proof vest like other journalists do. she told us the situation was increasingly dangerous. >> camille lepage had also reported from sudan. she was passionate about reporting what she called "forgotten conflicts." >> iran has begun discussing talks on a longer pact.
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talk exactplan to compromises with the aim of reaching a final deal by july 20. the six powers want iran to dramatically cut back its nuclear work while iran wants them to eliminate devastating economic sanctions. where are the talks at the moment? what are the chances we will see a real resolution come out of this meeting? >> talks between iran and the p5 plus one group are taking place in the austrian capital. this is aimed at hammering out a first draft of the final, comprehensive, permanent deal. according to the irani and, -- the iranians, this is -- they agreed to scale back parts of its nuclear program in return for limited sanctions relief. that expires on july 20.
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that's the date all the parties are working towards. there have been some compromises on the key disputes, such as the heavywater reactor, which is capable of yielding material for a nuclear bomb. however, there are some sticking points. to shed light on that, we have on the phone the spokesman for iran's atomic agency. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you very much for joining us today. the iaea said on tuesday that more work is required by tehran to fully implement a series of nuclear transparency measures. do you think that with this so-called lack of progress the talks may be hindered or complicated in vienna? be --hink the talks will the talks with the agency are going well. related tossue
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[indiscernible] we have done what we are supposed to do. we are agreed on a framework for six points, seven points, and we have agreed. it is a sign of transparency for a run, -- for iran, which is, of course, complicated. there have been a lot of accusations. it could take time to come to a will that all the clouds be cleared. we are working with the agency.
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i think things are going well as far as we are concerned. has provided, iran the iaea with access to the country's nuclear installations. the inspector has announced satisfaction with the trend. will an atomic watchdog be accepted by the iranians? course, this is based on -- originally, we agreed in november last year. nothing to we are ready to answer whatever questions the agency may rise, but it has to be with some kind of [indiscernible] well, as far as we are concerned. the other side, the agency's
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officials, many times they have expressed dissatisfaction. we are waiting to hear from the director general when it comes to give out the report during the board of governors next month. course, you are reiterating what president rouhani said in a recent speech, which is that iran is open to wider and more transparent inspections. thever, dismantling country's nuclear infrastructure is completely off the table. do you think this is -- this will be at odds with what the western powers seek? >> what we have to discuss is of iran.oice
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what we have to discuss his transparency. -- discuss is transparency. president rouhani said what we have on the table is transparency, but not the rights of iran. iran would like to enjoy, like many other countries, rights which should enjoy. we are not asking anything more than our rights. that there isknow going to be a very complicated negotiation. it takes time. we have to be patient. but there is a way out if there is goodwill from both sides. saidis ready, iran has time and again. course, if the other side will have the same approach, we don't see any
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reason not to reach an agreement. >> thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us. that was the spokesman for iran's atomic energy agency in tehran. afghanistan where the results for the election have been delayed again over a probe into election fraud. the country was due to announce the results of its first-round presidential election later today. full results were released last month, but weeks over deliberation of fraud complaints have post owned the official decision -- have postponed the official decision. in southern vietnam, anti-china protesters have torched up to 15 foreign-owned factories and destroyed many more. anger is growing over china's recent installment of an oil rig in disputed southeast asian waters. the unrest at one foreign part
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meant to attract foreign investors was the site of the most disorder in vietnam in years. let's bring in our correspondent. beijing said it has "serious concerns over this violence in vietnam." what does that mean exactly? >> china says it is monitoring the situation and that it has launched representation with the vietnam, that it is concerned for the safety of all chinese citizens in vietnam as well. china is exercising its growing political power and military might, economic power in this through these increasingly aggressive actions in the south china sea. the vietnamese protests were against a china -- against china in erecting an oil rig in these disputed waters. ships have been ramming this oil rig.
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spoken out against those actions and asked vietnam to stop interfering with its actions and what it claims -- in what it claims is its own territory. >> give us more background about these waters and what makes them so contentious. >> these are some of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. they are also incredibly rich in oil and natural resources, as we just discussed. china has built an oil rig in these waters, and these waters are not just claimed by china and vietnam. they are kind by -- claimed by many nations in asia. china also has a dispute with the philippines about these waters. china says it has the right to build anything it wants on this island because the island belongs to china. this is an ongoing dispute. i don't think we will see an end to these simmering tensions for some time. >> thank you for that report
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from beijing. the latest from the trial of oscar pistorius. the double amputee athlete is accused of intentionally killing his girlfriend on valentine's day last year. today, the judge ordered him to face amount of mental tests, delaying the murder trial -- face a month of mental tests, delaying the murder trial even more than it all ready has been -- than it already has been. a witness testified that pistorius -- the judge wants the evaluation prevent pistorius from appealing on the basis of mental grounds later if he is indeed convicted. back to france on a lighter note where the con film festival -- the cannes film festival is kicking off. stars are hitting the red carpet. the head of this year posturing year's campion -- this
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jerry is jane campion -- this year's jury is jane campion. tonight's opening film stars nicole kidman. monaco."led "grace of famas been slammed by the ily and by -- >> i respect what they have to say. it is their parents, after all. what i do is talk about characters and icons of popular culture. it is not the same thing, obviously. i'm not related to grace of monaco, but then i have to respect the characters. in reality, the fictional part is there only to support my more intimate portrayal of the princess. and the things i say are supported by a lot of evidence. getf you are a cannes fan,
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the latest on the festival at our website, the film, competition, reports -- the films, competition, reports from the stars. on fr this is "france 24." let's take a look at the headlines. a mine explosion in turkey has left 200 dead. rescuers are racing against time to try and save the 200 more still trapped inside. the un security council condemns the killing of a french journalist in the central african republic. the body of camille lepage was found by french troops. officials say she was caught in an ambush. is instructed to a month of psychological tests.
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he has an anxiety order that may have influenced his judgment that night he shot his girlfriend dead. it is time to take a look at what has been grabbing headlines around the world. let's start with this tragic story of this 26-year-old french photojournalist who was killed in central african republic. >> that's right, camille lepage, from western france. she is on the front page of the local paper there. lepage assassinated in the central african republic." her mother has been getting interviews as well. you can read about it. she said, "my daughter was a passionate photographer. she wanted to shine a light on the people you don't usually hear about." a very tragic story. >> there is focus on a ruling by europe's highest court that could break the internet. >> it is getting a lot of attention here in france.
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it talks about how the european court of justice has ruled that people have the right to be forgotten online. the origin of this case is a spanish man who complained that google's search results concerning the repossession of his home in 1998 infringed his privacy. the court ruled that links to irrelevant and outdated data should be erased on request. >> but there is some confusion now exactly how that will be put into place. >> and what are we talking about anyway? that's what the media is focused on. the exact words of the court to bedata found inadequate, irrelevant, or no longer relevant." quite a bag -- quite vague. it can mean a lot of embarrassing things from your past, perhaps your high school years. people with a bad name on google will rejoice.
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another paper looks at 70's to understanding how this law seven he used at to understanding how this law keys toyou -- at seven understanding how this law affects you. >> a lot of people are focusing on the implications of what this might mean. >> it is a landmark ruling on individual data protection, but is this the birth of online censorship? this ruling concerns the independent directly. the editorial points out that a person could have an article expunged from search engines if they believed it was no longer relevant, even if there was a legitimate public interest. the new york times -- "the new says the ruling could undermine press freedom and free speech. it could open the floodgates to have millions of links removed. such a purge would leave europeans less well-informed and make it harder for journalists
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and dissidents to have their voices heard. >> much focus in the united states has been on the graduating class of 2014. >> graduations in the united states are a big deal, cap and gown, usually with a commencement speech by some keynote speaker. the wall street -- "the wall st reet journal" has written about how several high-profile figures pulled out of commencement speeches because they were facing protests by students. and the formerde secretary of state, condoleezza rice, both pulled out. "the wall street journal" ones out that the -- points out that trend isnvitation" spreading. way of sayinghty
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that they should be quiet. the article is critical of what it calls the "uptight, holier bodies andstudent says they should be quiet and listen to some new points of all, that'se, after the whole point of college. >> and the cannes festival starts today. >> the 67th edition of the cannes film festival. the dream begins. other papers are focusing on the steamy and scandalous side of cannes. there is focus on two films that are quite scandalous, "welcome to new york." you can see gerard depardieu on the front page. and you can see nicole kidman, in a film about grace kelly, which reportedly upset the royal family of monaco.
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-- put theke spotlight on french cinema, which they say is suffering. >> thank you. also, big sports news in france with the announcement ahead of the world cup in brazil. the french coach gave out the names of the french national squad picks. manchester city striker -- did not make the cut. more on that in sports. >> the 23-man list was announced on tuesday. he has a reputation as a troublemaker. >> any coach who is thinking of building a group of players is going to be -- it is going to be
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a long trip. to live together for such a long time demands a lot of human qualities. was down to three matches following france's quarterfinal defeat to spain in 2012. all, we are talking about a really good player, of course. performances for the french team have not been as good as for his club, manchester city. inis a very important player england. in fact, he is indispensable. but that is not the case for the french team. and as he set himself, when a substitute, he is not happy, which is easy to see and feel inside the group. these are the reasons why i didn't select him.
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>> also left out, the 34-year-old defender, who is to retire from international football. france will take on ecuador. manchester city may have just won the english premier title, but its french player is not in favor. psg's experience. franck ribery. blaise matuidi in the midfield. meeting wednesday night inthe -- in the rugby league final.
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they were a powerhouse in the early 1960's. last year they lost to chelsea.  ccgg99ññwçça7gucéñ?
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